Kandar Anubhuthi Parayanam (Singing) and Explanation

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??? Kandar Anubhuthi Parayanam (Singing) and Explanation
☝Starting *23th April 2018
? Every Monday
? Time: 8pm to 9.30pm
? Venue: ARTHA NYANA HALL, No.38-1, Jln Tun Sambanthan 3, Brickfields, KL(Behind Petronas and beside Jaffnese cooperative)

? Parayanam and Explanation by N. Mailvaganam in English and Tamil
1⃣ Kandar Anubhthi is the final compilation sung by the Great Saint Arunagirinathar.
2⃣ It contains 51 stanzas of 4 lines each. The 51 stanzas represent the 51 aksharas of the Sanskrit alphabet and is therefore *is considered to be a mantra text, capable of burning karma and bestowing grace on whoever recites it.
3⃣✡ The aksharas are also present in each chakra in the body and thus constant recitation helps spiritual awakening.
? Don’t miss this opportunity to Learn and Understand the Scripture and Gain the grace of the Lord.
? Dtls: 0123025643 or 0122717776

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